What is Hayden’s List?

Hayden’s List is a group of passionate people who believe we all have the right to love who we love. We are a rating website serving to the LGBT community and its supporters, uniting our voices and sharing our experiences with each other in the hopes to build a better, more accepting world.


What does “LGBT” stand for?

LGBT is a commonly used abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. There are variations to the acronym such as LGBTQ (Q stands for queer) or LGBTQI (I for intersexual) and LGBTQIA (A for asexual). We certainly don’t mean to exclude anyone by leaving off the other letters. Hayden’s List has made a conscientious choice to use the most common form: “LGBT” for brevity’s sake.


What does it mean to be a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person?

People who are gay or lesbian are attracted to people of their own sex. Bisexuals are attracted to both men and women. Transgenders feel that the gender they identify with does not match the body they were born into. For more definitions, see this website: http://itspronouncedmetrosexual.com/2013/01/a-comprehensive-list-of-lgbtq-term-definitions/


Can I submit a review if I’m not LGBT?

Yes! Absolutely. We want LGBT advocates and allies to submit reviews that reflect their experience. We always want to know whether you’ve witnessed pro or anti-LGBT attitudes.


So, anyone can leave a review?

Of course. Just as long as the review speaks to the LGBT community.


Can I just submit a number rating without writing a review?

While we hate to say no, we’re going to have to say no. We’re all about shared personal experiences. So, while a number rating is good, personal anecdotes provide a wider perspective, adding valuable information to the community as a whole.


What’s the difference between a review and a listing?

A listing is what your company gets on the website, free of charge, when reviewed.


Do companies who get bad ratings still get listed?

Yep. This is part of the fun. Kind of like Santa Claus, Hayden’s List wants to know who’s been bad and who’s been good so we can share the info with the whole World Wide Web. (So you better be good for goodness sake!)


What if I want to leave a review but my city, state or country is not yet listed on HL?

We’re slowly working our way towards conquering the world (and the World Wide Web) but we need your help. SUBMIT A REVIEW!


What if the category I’m looking for isn’t listed?

Please click “other” on the drop down menu and be the first to submit a review for a new category.


Do reviews get posted automatically?

Heck no. The team behind the scenes at Hayden’s List verifies each and every review received.


Can I leave an anonymous review?

Totally. Hayden’s List protects your privacy. You have the option to keep your name anonymous and your profile private. However, so that we know you’re the real deal and not a robot, in order to leave a review you must submit your real name, a valid email address. You’ll receive a verification email asking you to confirm that you’re legit.


What happens if my company gets a bad review?

Anyone who receives a rating of a three or below is contacted. We let you know what was said and give you the chance to respond. We will publish the review along with your response.


How do I review without “outing” myself?

Simply select the anonymous option when submitting a review. You have to provide us your contact details so we can contact you should we need more information regarding the review, however, that will never be public information.


How do I review without “outing” a business owner or an employee?

We realize that you may know the business is owned by members of the LGBT community but that you may not want to “out” them, for fear they are not out. We recommend when leaving a review for them to state that this business is LGBT friendly or that you know they are very open to working with the LGBT community. By doing this you aren’t “outing” them but merely stating their openness and support of the LGBT community. If you have a question about other ways to be discreet, while giving praise where praise is due, ask us by visiting our Contact Us page.

Still not satisfied?

Let us know. Even if it’s just for some good advice. We’ll get you taken care of.