Maybe you’ve noticed: we’re not normal.


We’re interested in featuring cities like Atlanta and Orlando and Birmingham — markets that have a high population of LGBT community members but where there’s a low rate of acceptance. This doesn’t mean we don’t adore San Francisco, that we don’t love New England or don’t have the hots for London. Of course we do. (We invite and welcome reviews from those locations.) We simply recognize that those cities are already typically welcoming communities. Since our purpose is to help spread the love, we want to give center-stage to more overlooked areas of the U.S. where there’s still a great need for acceptance. In short, we like the underdogs because we are the underdogs.

So, how did we decide on the cities to feature?

The Human Rights Campaign puts out an annual Municipal Equality Index (MEI) which examines the laws, policies and services of various municipalities. This index and other key factors have helped us determine the markets in which we will roll out.

Still want to see your city up there?

Okay, no problem. Simple. Just get your framily (yes, we said framily) to submit reviews of the best and worst in your city and we’ll happily add you to the list.


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