May 31, 2015: Two Kings and One Inspiring Teacher

If you were a witnessing bullying – would you quietly ignore what you saw or seize the moment as a teaching lesson. For one teacher in North Carolina he believes silence is the true danger, so he did what he felt was right and he read a story to his class about love.

Check out his inspiring story.


May 24, 2015: Do you want to win a $250 Delta Airlines Gift Card?

Heyyy Birmingham! In the week leading up to Pridefest, Hayden’s List and our partners at the Change Project will be attending events, meeting and greeting supporters, and encouraging people to participate. We hope you’ll agree that Birmingham needs a resource like Hayden’s List to build community. Together, by sharing our voices and uplifting our experiences, we can make an impact and add real value to everyday people’s lives.

Can’t wait to see you in Birmingham!


May 17, 2015: What is a “Rogue Pastor?”

This LGBT advocate/writer/husband/father is also a pastor at North Raleigh Community Church in North Carolina.  Next month he’s launching a virtual — and literal — place of hope and acceptance.  This place has been named “The Table,” and Pavlovitz describes it as “Christian community for all people.”

We got wind of John’s work and had some questions for him.  Lucky for us, he had more than just answers to offer; he also gave us inspiration.

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May 10, 2015: A Mother’s Journey

For many gay youth coming out to their parents is a dreaded task. How will they respond? Will they still love me? Some parents say it’s a phase, others look into “Conversion Therapy” and sadly some parents simply say “get out.” For the Rudulph family it launched their entire family into an incredible journey.

Patty Rudulph spoke recently to HL Founder, Scott Tayloe, and shared a bit of their story.

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May 3, 2015: Did you hear who’s going on tour?

This week we announced our new partnership with The Change Project.
Together we’re furthering our commitment in fighting discrimination of every kind, empowering the LGBT community by giving you a place to raise your voice.

As part of our partnership, Hayden’s List will embark across America with The Change Project, celebrating diversity at pride festivals across the U.S. We’re aptly calling it the “Raise Your Voices Summer Pride Tour.”

CMI Survey

April 26, 2015: Guess what time of year it is?

What only takes ten minutes to complete, helps provide data for companies serving the LGBT community and enters you to win one of ten (that’s right, ten!) $100 cash prizes? It’s the 9th Annual Community Marketing and Insights Survey for the LGBT community. Take the survey by May 31st!


April 19, 2015: Marijuana or Same-Sex Marriage?

Monday is 420, the legendary pot smoker holiday, celebrated by tokers everywhere, legal or not. It made us stop to wonder, how many states currently allow marijuana usage vs how many states allow same-sex marriage? Who is winning America’s acceptance faster?


April 12, 2015: Florida did what?

This last week the Florida House of Representatives overwhelming voted a similar measure, but this one was directed at LGBT families looking to adopt. It would allow adoption agencies to turn away an LGBT couple, stating based on their religious beliefs they don’t feel a child should be in a home without a mom and a dad.