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  1. My husband and I always find our way to Sushi Roku and continue to feel like family in their restaurant. The manager, Justin, respects our family and always makes us feel so welcome. We never leave without him visiting our table. I highly recommend this restaurant not only for the great atmosphere and sushi but the warm and welcoming staff. Also, they have an incredible happy hour menu every night of the week.

    Highly recommend for any LGBT family in the Pasadena area of LA.

  2. My husband and I had a dinner date with our best friends, who are a part of the LGBT community as well, and we had a wonderful experience here. The waitress was extremely friendly and welcoming. She told us her best friend was gay and she supports our community. The manager, Justin, was also very welcoming and said he was a supporter of the community too. He told us we are always welcome and to encourage our LGBT friends to come as well.

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