Growing Up Hayden


We’ve named our blog, Growing Up Hayden because we feel it’s a testament to what it is to live in the now, in a world where the LGBT community is fighting for acceptance and equality.  Our content is focused on all aspects of what it is to live, love and thrive in what’s still a very judgmental world.  Growing Up Hayden is a live narrative that we hope will continue to illustrate positive changes and a more and more loving, open and welcoming world.

Another LGBT Win

Italian Olympian, Rachele Bruni has just officially upped the number of LGBT athletes competing in the Olympics this year to fifty-one.  After winning her medal and dedicating it to her “beloved,” people wanted to know who she was referring to.  It was then she admitted it was for her girlfriend who had accompanied her to Rio.  “I’ve never done a big coming out. Undoubtedly there are people who have too many prejudices, but I live peacefully. I do not think about the prejudices, I live for myself, for my passion for swimming and for the people who love me,” said Bruni.

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Nike Celebrates Diversity in Rio Olympics Ad

Chris Mosier, the first transgender duathlete to qualify for a US national team is being featured in a Nike ad.  The ad is inspirational, a series of “How did you know?” questions to which Mosier responds, “I didn’t.”

Gaystarnews states, “The IOC ruled in January transgender athletes are eligible for competition without having undergone gender-affirming surgery.  While Mosier will not compete in the Olympics, as duathlon is not a sport at Rio, he will compete in the World Championships.”

Mosier gives a whole new meaning to Nike’s famous “Just do it” slogan.  We could all use some motivation from Mosier: don’t know?  Just do it anyway.

View the inspiring ad here.

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Slurs at LGBT Olympians

Reports show that LGBT athletes are the target of homophobic slurs.  Megan Rapinoe, a lesbian from the US women’s soccer team said she’s heard words like “bicha” and “puta” while on the field.  (“Bicha is a Portuguese word similar to ‘faggot.’)  Rapinoe told the LA Times, “It is personally hurtful, I think a sort of a mob mentality kind of takes over.”  She adds, “I don’t think that all Brazilians fans or everyone that was there last night is homophobic.”

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Bisexual Black-Eyed Pea Singer

The jaw-droppingly gorgeous Fergie comes out as bisexual.  According to, Fergie says: “I think women are beautiful,” she says. “I’ve had a lot of fun with women, and I’m not ashamed of it.”

Fergie’s not only “not ashamed,” she’s owning up to it.  She also adds, “The problem is that I also love a well-endowed man.”


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No Soup for You!

…and by “soup” we mean communion.  In the Catholic church.  Philadelphia archbishop says no communion for sexually active gays.

Fine.  Whatever.  We know how it goes.  No sex before marriage.  We get it.

Sex (gasp!) is still a sin in the eyes of the very narrow-minded Catholic church.

We confess.  While kind of giggling, though.  Why?  Because they’re so medieval they haven’t really even noticed no one is really listening to what those old farts have to say anyway.  This behind-the-times, no-girls-allowed all (supposedly – straight) God-loving boys club needs to get with the times.


Pride Picnic Cancelled in Texas due to Violence Threat

It’s a sad day in the park when a pride picnic is canceled due to a threat of violence.  Next Sunday, July 10th was supposed to be the annual pride picnic in College Station, Texas.  Unfortunately, organizers called off the event because of a violent threat.  Gaystarnews reported that,  “According to KBTX, a local television news station, a flier advertising the event was reposted with the following comment: ‘Lock and load. Time to make the news.’

The FBI are investigating the threat and the organizers of the event are looking to reschedule and make it an even bigger occasion to attend.  Pride, love and picnics will prevail.

The Pope Seeks Forgiveness

Moments like these don’t often happen which is why we relish in them when they do.  A few weeks ago, Pope Francis said Christians should apologize to gay people and others who’ve been treated badly and marginalized by the church.

“I think that the church not only should apologize to the person who is gay whom it offended, but it must also apologize to the poor as well, to the women who have been exploited, to children who have been exploited by (being forced to) work. It must apologize for having blessed so many weapons,” Francis added, according to Reuters.

As his namesake suggests, this Pope’s mission aims to rebuild the church; to make it more inclusive and welcoming.  He’s shepherding the lost sheep, those who’ve been made to feel alienated.  And he seems to be succeeding.  In 2013, Advocate Magazine named him Person of the Year.  We’re pleased to see that far Pope Francis continues to live out the true legacy of “advocate.” Check out the full story here.