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  1. I never knew Ada Street existed until I attended a wedding here. It’s tucked away and you may not even notice that it exists until you show up. The lighting is perfect for a romantic dinner with your partner.

    They hosted an LGBT wedding in the outdoor patio area and it was a perfect-intimate setting for close friends and family. Chef Zoe cooked an amazing meal and every dish that came out was absolutely perfect and delicious!

    Now that I know Ada Street exists, I will definitely be making a trip back for future date nights!

  2. Ada Street is tucked into the prickly albumen of a Chicago City lot. Going there feels as if you are being tricked into naively going to a place where prostitutes get their organs harvested. The door is unmarked and it’s across from garbage trucks. You enter the unmarked door and you’re immediately engulfed in warm darkness and hushed candles.

    A hostess takes you down a hallway through the wine library and a wall of vinyl records. In fact, you can snag a record on your way to the restaurant, hand it to the bar tender, and they’ll put it in the queue to play your jams. Oh – and when you pass the open kitchen maybe hand off a pack of Coors to Chef Zoe and her team.

    The staff at Ada Street have us ensconced into their fond memories and they always take care of us. Perhaps Chef Zoe comes out and does a shot of tequila with me or a server brings us an extra bowl of crispy Black Eyed Peas. It feels like family and is super chill; however, they’re also professional and do their job well. They explain dishes and drinks, bring them, then clear them away in a timely manner.

    The drinks are effulgent and the brighten any evening, even if it’s by yourself at the bar. They have complicated flavors that are well balanced and go down all too easily. Furthermore, they’re creative enough where you won’t find them at other speakeasies.

    But Ada Street isn’t a speakeasy. It’s a restaurant first and foremost and the food is delicious. It’s mostly small plate and intended to be shared but the flavors are pregnant with interest and excitement. It’s never just a slider or just a salad. It has layers of simple ingredients that culminate to a surprising apex.

    What Ada Street does best is that they are a beautiful sum of their parts. It’s not just the hidden gem or the welcoming service or the drinks or the food. It’s all of it together. They have a back space with AstroTurf and ping pong. It’s amazing and very alternative. Nobody gives a rat’s butt if you’re gay, straight, trans, or whatevs. In fact, they might like you more if you’re shining your individuality.

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