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  1. Dr. Stumpff and the staff of Advanced Veterinary Care have been caring for our family pets for over a decade. One of Dr. Stumpff’s greatest qualities is that she takes the time to listen to our concerns and gives us many opportunities to ask questions. We have been very pleased with the level of care our pets have received. Over the course of time, Dr. Stumpff has provided initial care to our pups at 3 weeks old, saw us through the very emotional decision that we faced in helping our 14 year old dog no longer suffer, and was there for everything in between. Dr. Stumpff has always shown our family complete respect. Recently our wedding photo and story were in the local newspaper. Dr. Stumpff and her staff proudly posted this on the office bulletin board. Not only is Advanced Veterinary Care a wonderful place for pet care, Dr. Stumpff and her staff are also LGBT allies.

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