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Angel Matcher opened in 2001 is a full service (boutique) agency that caters to the LGBT community. Laura Fretwell (Founder) is an experienced gestational surrogate that helped a lesbian couple in 2006 to become parents via surrogacy in 2006. As a full service agency they offer all referrals to the professionals that will help guide you with your journey to parenthood.

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  1. My husband and I worked with Laura and Angel Matcher to realize our dream of having a family. We had pondered going with an agent or trying to go independent when we decided to pursue surrogacy. We had so many questions ranging from picking the best doctor, finding the right surrogate, to locating the perfect egg donor. We were lost in the sea of information that the internet can provide. We realized we needed help navigating the journey.

    When we first contacted Laura she was very helpful and knowledgeable, she met us at her office on a Sunday afternoon at a time that was convenient for us. (Who does that anymore?) She explained the entire process and what we could except in terms of costs and how long the journey can take. She was honest and compassionate and assured us she would be there to hold our hand during this journey, from start to finish.

    While starting a family journey through surrogacy is never easy or stress free, I’m so glad we had Laura with us to guide us. She matched us with the most amazing surrogate we could have ever imagined. She read my mind when our first IVF doctor wasn’t working for us and said let’s move on. She listened patiently as I yelled and vented, and she gently reminded me to remember our goal.

    She was there in person when our egg donor was going through all of her procedures. She was there when we transferred to our surrogate. She joined the chorus of joyous cries as we saw our twin’s heartbeats for the first time at eight weeks. She was there when we found out that our little ones were both girls. And of course she was there the day our daughters were born. She held them in her arms with as much joy and love as we did.

    Like I mentioned earlier, we really needed someone to hold our hand to guide us through this journey and that is exactly what we found with Laura. There was never any doubt she wasn’t looking out for us and our best interests at all times. Phone calls were always answered or quickly returned. Text messages and emails were always responded to quickly. When I had a question, I wasn’t talking to a secretary or an answering service, I was talking with Laura.

    No one will tell you process is easy or stress free and either will I. We cried and we anguished. We worried and we stressed over everything. But at every stop along the journey we had Laura standing right behind us, supporting us, and pushing us forward until we held our daughters in our arms. I will be forever grateful we found Laura and Angel Matcher.

  2. Our dream of a family was achieved in less than 21 months, from signed contract to birth.

    our agent’s efforts have been invaluable, responsive, unique and greatly appreciated. From researching and finding a wonderful match for our journey, to accompanying our surrogate to doctors appointments, helping us to navigate through routine and even unexpected legal issues, acting as mediator, volunteering for airport pick ups and drop offs, guiding us through emotional issues, fears and setbacks, and helping us understand the emotions and needs of a surrogate. She managed to provide all this as an empathetic friend instead of merely a service provider. This would not have been otherwise possible on our own living 1500 miles away, and in a surrogacy-unfriendly state.

  3. Angel Matcher is the best. We interviewed 3 agencies and she saw us the day we called. She was a surrogate at one time and that was important to us. We had tried with 3 surrogates without help and it was impossible. All journeys are hard but ours was quite difficult, lots of disappointments. Thanks to Laura and her experience she got us to the finish line. Twice. Without her, we would not have a family. She is a special angel. We attendrd all doctor appointments. She was there when we requested she be there. Every step she was there. From beginning to beginning.

  4. Hello to everybody! We are an Italian gay couple from Rome. To meet Laura, the owner of the agency, has been a really great luck for us because we have found, not only a proven experienced professionist, as we have discovered during our jorney looking for a baby, but also and expecially a wonderful and human person always available. And believe us, in this delicate path is equally important. And it’s incredible how she is really full of every resorse to try to help her clients and solve any problem. She is become also a great friend, our American family. It’s thank to her if now we can hug our little baby girl. And with her help we are on our way for a second baby. We love and trust her.

  5. Laura has been amazing guiding us through the whole process. She has been doing this for so many years, she has amazing relationships with all the key players in the process and have found the best of the best to work with. We could not have done it without her! She is like one of the family! Already planning our second round with her!

  6. My husband and I have worked with Laura the owner of Angel Matchers over the last 6 years. With her proffesional services in the surrogacy process, we currently have three children and look forward to working with her again to have our fourth. I know Laura has worked with several other couples in the community and she has been nothing but supportive. I have no doubts she loves what she does cares for all the couples she has worked with.

  7. Looking back in those days of 2004, when my trip to fatherhood started, the first person that comes up in my mind is Laura Fretwell from Angel Matcher. We never met in person, as I live in Europe, yet she was the one to open all the doors. I was a foreigner, a single gay male and a chronic patient: a very difficult case indeed! I tried several agencies, some of them quite well-known and well-advertised, but no one would help. She was the only one not to turn me down and was always on my side – against all odds and until all barriers were overcome. Now, a father of twin girls going to school already, I know she was a good choice!

    But that isn’t all. In the meantime, I met this special someone who fell in love with me and my girls and became a part of our lives. When he decided to take the big step to fatherhood, I knew who to contact. Laura was there again, all the way, faced with all kinds of problems (especially US red tape). She helped my partner in all possible ways (even babysitted for him, so that he could be strong enough for the trip back home!). All five of us owe this lady such a great deal!

  8. When the time came for me to become a father, I knew where to turned to, as my partner already had twins with the help of this great lady’s agency. Laura was with me all the way, helping me. She is not only a highly professional woman, she is an Angel! When the time of birth came, she was there… And when I had my son in my arms and felt lost, as a first time dad (my partner’s twins were 3 yo when I met them) and a European in the States, she was with me, hosting me at her house with all her lovely family helping me!

    My family now is bigger and more rich, not only because we have an extra member (my son) but because Laura and her family are a part of it.

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