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  1. We’ve taken our taxes to Chuck Sloan & Associates for the last four years. They specialize in preparing taxes for actors and others in the entertainment industry. But the thing that makes me rate them here is that those four years had a lot of changes around same-sex marriage. One year we had to do something different for the state return, the next it was something different for the federal. Then finally we were able to file jointly for both, without having to jump through major hoops (or pay twice, unlike straight married couples).

    Through all of this, not only was the staff at Chuck Sloan, (and Chuck himself) very helpful, but there wasn’t even a hint of animosity toward us for being a male-male couple. In fact, they were in complete agreement that this should have long ago been a non-issue, and taxes (as well as laws) should be the same for gay couples as for straight couples.

    Doing your taxes is bad enough. You should never have to wonder if your preparer will look down on you, or even work against your best interests, because of being in a same-sex relationship.

    You won’t have to worry about that at Chuck Sloan & Associates. Really great people.

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