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  1. I started attending Church of the Highlands (COTH) back in 2010. Shortly there after I begin serving on the Dream Team as a lighting director. After serving for several months I was asked to move to the Riverchase campus and take over the lighting there and did so with a grateful heart. On March 19, 2014 I was pulled into a meeting because someone complained about my equality sticker on my vehicle. I was then asked if I was gay and I told them yes as I was not going to deny it. That is when I was quickly told that because of me being gay I was no longer allowed to serve on the Dream Team at any level. They said that I was still welcome to attend the church and pay my tithes, but could not serve. These are talents that god has blessed me with and was may way of reaching individuals and to be told that I am not longer good enough to use them because I am gay was heart breaking. That is the reason why I feel that COTH is not a gay friendly church.

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