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  1. When Creative Montessori School was founded in Birmingham in 1968, it was not only the first Montessori school in our area, but also the first private school in Birmingham to be purposefully integrated since its inception. We are proud of that legacy and continue to attract and welcome a wide spectrum of families across the gamuts of race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and socioeconomic background from 21 different zip codes in the area. At CMS the interest and needs of the child come first for an education that is loving, evidence-based, child-centered because it is firmly rooted in the Montessori method, which allows children to progress through the curriculum at their own individual pace in an environment that foster’s each child’s unique potential. From toddlers through sixth-graders, our students practice self-direction, responsibility, independence and care for others in every aspect of classroom and school life. They leave CMS as adaptable, lifelong lovers of learning who are empowered to believe that they carry within themselves the essential tools for academic, social, and personal growth. Plus the parent community is maybe the most diverse in Birmingham–from steel workers to doctors to artists, researchers, caterers, teachers, government employees, and CEO’s! I’ve had three children go through the school and know many other graduates–it is an exceptional (and exceptionally accepting) community!

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