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Edwin Mills – Pasadena

22 Mills Place in Pasadena has a storied history. Edwin Mills Restaurant is its future.

Built in 1894, the site began as the China Palace. In the following 120 years, the location has housed a thriving marketplace, a stable, a laundry, and the popular Equator Café.

Under the creative guidance of Teddy Bedjakian and his staff, Equator has matured from hookah bar to coffee shop to restaurant-bar, providing a haven for locals who desire a sophisticated space filled with art, quality cocktails, and a modern American-fusion menu.

As the next step in 22 Mills Place’s identity, Edwin Mills takes its name from the roads intersecting at its door: Mills Place and Edwin Alley, both named in the late nineteenth century to honor Pasadena entrepreneurs. Participating in this tradition of entrepreneurship, Edwin Mills breathes new life into the location while allowing a single Buddha, which welcomes guests at the door, to pay homage to its past.

Welcome to the new Edwin Mills. We look forward to seeing you here and continuing our relationship!

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  • Monday 3pm – 11pm | Happy Hour 4pm – close
  • Tuesday 3pm – 11pm | Happy Hour 4pm – close
  • Wednesday 3pm – 11pm | Happy Hour 4pm – close
  • Thursday 10am – 12am | Happy Hour 4pm – close
  • Friday 10am – 1:45am
  • Saturday 10am – 1:45am | Brunch & Happy Hour 11am - 4pm
  • Sunday 10am – 12am | Brunch & Happy Hour 11am - 4pm

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  1. We frequent Edwin Mills as an LGBT family and everyone is always so warm and welcoming. We moved here from the east coast and immediately we felt like we had a place to go in our new town. I recommend this place to anyone if you are in the Pasadena area!

  2. Sunday Funday is a regular occurrence with my West Coast family and there is no better place to get it starts than Edwin Mills. What drew us in was the uniqueness of a Dim Sum brunch. And of course the large variety of bottomless mimosas that anyone could dream of. What has keeps us returning, besides the bottomless mimosas, is the personalized service that we receive. We have been dubbed “The Brunch Boys” and regardless of how busy they are, each staff member, including the owner, makes a point to stop at our table to say hi. Not only do I recommend this establishment, but remember to invite me when you go!!

  3. Edwin Mills is VERY gay friendly. My Friends and I frequent this place quite a bit but last night we went specifically because they hosted a drag queen bingo night benefiting AIDS Service Center. Now if that doesn’t say they support the LGBT community then I don’t know what does! The owner (who is not gay) and the staff (one of whom I know is gay) are always very nice and genuinely happy to see us when we come in. I always feel comfortable here and feel like I can just be myself. They have always been accommodating to us even when we have had a large group of 8 or 10 (just give them some notice if you have a large party). So if they can handle my crazy friends and I, then I’m sure you and yours will be treated just as nicely as we have always been.

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