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  1. I’ve recently moved home to Birmingham from Atlanta and am in the process of building my network of healthcare providers. I found Dr. Ginsberg’s office on ZocDoc. Since he had good ratings and the office is close to my home in Crestwood, I decided to give his office a try.

    The first test of the office’s LGBTQ-competency and friendliness was when the front desk nurse processed my insurance, which is under my wife’s name. The receptionist was welcoming and asked no questions about my insurance or my listing my female spouse on my new patient paperwork.

    When I was taken to an examination room by another nurse, we began talking about what I do in my work as faith organizer with the Human Rights Campaign Alabama. At one point the nurse looked at me and said, “Oh, so you keep churches safe from gays and lesbians?” I patiently explained that, in fact, I work to make church spaces safer FOR LGBTQ-identifying persons. She was nice enough, but when she left the room, I heard her in the hallway talking with another nurse and saying, “I can’t tell if her spouse is a woman or a man (laughter).”

    It was disheartening to hear a nurse talking loudly about my family status while I waited in the examination room.

    Dr. Ginsburg, however, was wonderfully affirming and engaged in positive and affirming conversation about my work with HRC and the importance of the work in Alabama.

    Overall I give Dr. Ginsburg’s office a 6/10 for their general affirmation and welcome, particularly Dr. Ginsburg’s fully affirming nature. This one nurse, however, made the experience one I won’t quickly forget.

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