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  1. I am troubled that there was a student that feels like there is no one to listen to them. We have a mental health counselor on staff that has been trained in the Olweus bully prevention program. We have a bullying hotline to allow students to contact administration without sharing their name. We actively work to prevent bullying for all of our students. Our LGBT community of students, that I know about, report that there experience at our high school has not reflected the experience of this complaint. I know that I can not be aware of all things that happen in our school or the sexual orientation of all students. Statistics indicate that high school students are the least likely of all grades to report bullying. If this student did report the bullying there is system in place to document the report and to follow up. I have not heard of a specific complaint of this type that did not receive an investigation and brought to a conclusion. I know that some victims of bullying can be timid and socially awkward. Being an advocate for themselves is difficult and reporting is extremely difficult. We have a strong GLBT group represented by our Student Diversity advisory committee/club. Members of this group have in the past reported bullying they see against students that do not advocate for themselves. This has happened several times during the past year. Mr. Hesler our principal has stood up for GLBT right in our school against forces outside our building. We had a Diversity day following the embarrasing attempt by our state legislature to pass a religious freedom bill designed to help descriminate against the LGBT community. Our student, supported by our principal wore tee shirts spray painted in various colors that proclaimed “we support everyone”. You can bet he got several calls from the community protesting this event but he stood firm. This may have been an experience a student had that has slipped through our efforts. Or a student that has many issues beyond what (s)he reports. There are so many scenerios. But we do make a very honest and focused effort to prevent bullying or discrimination of any kind in our school.

  2. Our school constantly bullies everyone gay and our administration does not accept it.

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