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Heart of Adoptions

Heart of Adoptions is a dedicated agency of experienced women offering adoption services, with care, concern, and a personal touch. Our staff of experienced adoption professionals is available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are a licensed child placing agency with several Florida locations. We would love to help you with any of the following: agency adoptions, matched adoptions, relative or stepparent adoptions, second parent adoptions, Interstate Compact, adoption home studies and post placement supervision. We are a full service agency able to meet all your adoptions needs. We would love to talk you through the process and look forward to helping you grow your family!

Additional Services Offered:
– Free Adoption Information Sessions each month at our Tampa, Orlando and Naples offices
– Free Quarterly meet-ups for waiting, recently matched, or recently placed families
– Quarterly Newborn Prep Classes for Adoptive Parents (small fee required at registration)

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  1. “Heart of Adoptions was a phenomenal adoption agency to work with. From the orientation meeting to the day our daughter’s adoption was finalized, we felt that HOA truly cared about us and our adoption journey. I found HOA to be an honorable agency which made every effort to match birth parents and adoptive parents in a way that was respectful for all. In a profession where people’s lives and hearts are involved, it is of utmost importance that you feel/think that the agency is reputable, dependable, and compassionate. We never doubted that HOA possessed all three of these qualities… even through the hard times (when birthmothers changed their minds and chose to parent instead). The reality is, that in the realm of adoption there are no guarantees… but I truly believed throughout our entire process (from home-study, to waiting, to matching, to holding our baby girl for the first time) that HOA was there for us, assuring us that our child would come to us when the time was right. And she did.”

  2. A million times thank you! A few years ago, we could not have imagined that we would be the parents of two happy, healthy, beautiful children. Not only did the process of adoption seem treacherous and confusing, but we also faced (what we believed at the time) the additional challenge of being a same-sex couple in Florida.
    Until recently, the law in Florida prevented us from moving forward with our plans to have a family. Because of that we questioned: Who would choose us? Who would understand us? Who would acknowledge we were like every other loving couple in the world who wanted to start a family? Because our desire to start our family was so strong, we thought about moving to a state that would acknowledge us as a couple and permit us to adopt—a prospect that would undoubtedly prove to be very complicated, emotionally charged, and financially taxing on us.
    Needless to say, the odds seemed stacked against us, and at times we questioned if we would ever be blessed with a family. Then the most wondrous thing happened: two cases prompted a change in Florida law, making it possible for us to adopt. And when the law changed to permit same-sex adoption, Heart of Adoptions was the first call we made.
    We knew of the agency by reputation and felt that HOA would offer us the best chance for success. We were not disappointed. The staff proved to be compassionate, supportive, and well-versed on the particular challenges we might face. To our complete surprise and absolute delight, we were matched with a birth mother within four months of completing our application. The placement and adoption finalization for our son soon followed. The birth and adoption of our daughter came about a year and a half later, and, to our amazement, was just as smooth. To say that we are the happiest we’ve ever been would still somehow be an understatement. We feel truly blessed and grateful every day for our good fortune. Thank you so much for helping us realize our dream!”

  3. “We have been extremely impressed with their professionalism, their care & attention, and their excellence at what they do – we would absolutely return to them for another adoption and are SO thankful for the many ways they worked to expedite & attend to the needs of our case. Because of our experience with Heart of Adoptions and the team there, we can confidently recommend the agency to others hoping to grow their families through adoption!”

  4. We were treated just like any other family. (Maybe better! The social worker kept saying she wanted us to adopt her!)

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