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  1. I’m a gay man, single, mid 50s, white. I’ve been a methodist all my life, and I’ve never felt as at home as I do here. I don’t give it 10 stars because it’s not a reconciling church, but there are two separate reconciling groups, the Explorers Sunday school and the Open Table group, which is open to anyone. All of the pastoral staff are very supportive and affirm their personal belief that it is OK to be gay and methodist.

  2. Highlands UMC is an incredibly progressive United Methodist Church with THE most welcoming congregation I’ve ever encountered. The traditional order of worship, Gothic architecture, powerful organ and DIVINE choir just adds to the overall Sunday morning experience. I cannot stress enough how much this congregation has helped make me the strong, proud individual I am today. If you’re looking for a new church base, make sure they’re number one on your list. You won’t regret it.

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