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  1. The Independent Adoption Center is a private, non-profit adoption agency headquartered in Concord, California, with fully licensed branch offices in Southern California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, and Texas. IAC has also facilitated adoptive placements in 49 states, and has been specializing in open adoption since 1982. IAC’s main focus is counseling and support, while providing full adoption services from the beginning to end of the process. IAC completes newborn (0-12 months) domestic placements. They do not have any discriminatory policies and will work with ANY family type, as well as advocate and support legislation for LGBT equal rights.

    As the Branch Director of the Florida office, located in Tampa, I have experience operating this branch and implementing IAC’s core policies and procedures. This agency is a leader in open adoption, and has appropriate procedures in place to ensure birth and adoptive parents receive the education, counseling, and support needed during this emotional process! They also provide lifetime supportive counseling services for birth and adoptive families.

    I have been a part of the wonderful services IAC provides and would recommend this agency to anyone interested in adoption. I am very passionate about the work we do, and believe IAC provides the best adoption services available!

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