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  1. After the adoption of our daughter we began looking for childcare. We knew that we would need childcare when our daughter turned 6 months old. We toured SEVERAL childcare facilities and finally found one that we felt was a good fit for our family. Unfortunately, we were placed on a waiting list with this facility but we were hopeful that an opening would happen soon. Sadly, when we realized that our daughter didn’t get in to our chosen daycare we toured Kindercare and met with the director. We were pleased with the facility, the teachers, their expectations and at 6 months our daughter began attending. We expected to stay at Kindercare until our chosen facility had an opening and at that point we would take our daughter out of Kindercare. However, when our chosen facility had an opening we decided to keep our daughter at Kindercare instead of this well-known facility. Why??

    The teachers and staff at Kindercare not only accepted our family but they celebrated our family. We had ZERO issues with the staff, the teachers, the students, or the parents about our daughter having two moms. Our daughter had the very best care as an infant and toddler. As she grew into a pre-schooler the academic curriculum was appropriate and helped to bring out the very best in our daughter. When our daughter went to Kindergarten she was very much prepared.

    We were incredibly pleased with Kindercare’s level of care and their true acceptance of our family. We would highly recommend Kindercare in Hoover to anyone needing childcare.

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