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  1. As an employee of Kosair Children’s hospital I think it is important to work for an organization that respects all people: color, creed or sexual orientation. I have witnessed an overwhelming experience with LGBTQ couples at this hospital adopting. The nursing staff encourages adoptive parents to fully be engaged in their childs care. They take special care to inform both dads or both moms and truly bring them together as a family. I am proud to work for this organization that is a large part of the adoption seen in Louisville, KY.
    Infants in the neonatal intensive care unit are usually sick with different aliments and it can be hard on families. Combining that with the stress of adoption this expereince can be incredibly hard on any couple. The staff in the NICU at Kosair children’s are exceptional at bringing the LGBTQ couples that adopt into a judgement free, less stress free zone. This allows families to get past the political reterict and focus on what truly matters, their child.

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