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  1. We were VERY picky about selecting a photographer for our (same-sex) wedding last year. It’s hard enough to get comfortable while someone snaps photos of you on your most important day, so we didn’t want to work with anyone who’d make us feel uneasy. We LOVED L.A.’s classy, non-intrusive style of photography, so we hoped she’d be a good match for us. We met her and she was amazing! She’s so kind, patient, genuine, respectful, and was just…excited for us. On our wedding day, she was there with us and all our family and friends. She never made us feel uncomfortable (in fact, we often forgot she was even there!), and she captured the most beautiful photos of our day. Dealing with two brides isn’t easy, and she exceeded our expectations. She has a real gift for capturing natural, non-posed moments. I’d recommend her to anyone!

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