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  1. Not your average chiropractor.

    I’ve had a number of surgeries over the last 8 years, starting with a partial amputation of my left foot. This has had me in & out of a wheelchair, mostly in.

    The infection in my foot that led to the amputation was a result of my peripheral neuropathy caused by an old HIV med that I was on.

    I sought out a chiropractor as I was looking for an alternative to narcotics.

    The universe brought Dr. Yanina Genao-Santana into my life.

    After just a short conversation about my medical history, and the chronic pain in my hip, Dr. Yanina correctly determined that I most likely needed a new hip. Her and her team worked their magic on me and at last I had some relief from the pain.

    She also ordered an MRI. As soon as she saw the results, she got me an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Rosen, a hip specialist.

    A couple of weeks later I had a full hip replacement. The chronic pain was suddenly gone.

    I’ve been seeing Dr Yanina 2-3 times a week since to help with the healing process.

    I’ve been HIV positive for 25 years and know all to well that there is plenty of discrimination in the medical field.

    I’ve discussed this openly with Dr Yanina and she is the one who told me about Hayden’s List. I would highly recommend her and her team to anyone.

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