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  1. I recently started working at Macy’s based on the work they do in the LGBT community, specifically they were at a pride parade. I’m a trans woman who has had her name and gender both legally changed, passes completely, and have been on HRT for a year. The point of all this? He had no reason to say this. I must’ve let my voice drop for a few minutes or something and anyhow the guy was my boss. He indicated that he had been participating in a discussion with my coworkers about whether I was a girl or guy, and “what to call me”. I was mortified when he approached me to ask and I knew by the way he’d phrased things that him and the other employees in my department had been talking about it. So, I went to HR immediately. Within 30 minutes I was speaking to the executive in charge of the store. She apologized on behalf of the company and the store, assured me that there would be consequences for him, gave me an early break, moved me to a new floor and department with a better job than I had (well I like it better, the pay was no different), and more hours if I want them. All that is great but the big thing was when I started doing what I naturally do, which is to try to take part of the blame in everything, she said no. She said it I have a name and that’s what I should be called and the rest is none of anyone else’s business. That was the most vindicated I’d ever felt at a job. And as of today, the day after all this, my dysphoria acted up real bad, causing me to miss a day of work. I called her and explained what happened and why. She had no problem with it and was very understanding. This is truly the best job I’ve ever worked. I’ve made a A LOT more money, but this is the best job I’ve ever worked. I’m respected. Thanks Macy’s.

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