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  1. I had taken my male clothes into Monica’s on many occasions in the past to have alterations and repairs done and her pricing is fair and I’ve always been pretty pleased. I’ve been losing weight and decided I’d like to take some female attire in somewhere to have it altered as that would be cheaper than replacing it. I went in dressed in male attire and dropped it off. I just told her what I needed to have done to it and she went through the usual of having me write down my name and number and told me it would be ready a week.

    A week later I went into pick it up and had a candid conversation with Monica. There is the slightest bit of a language barrier sometimes so I tried to keep it simple. I told her I had other female clothes I would need altered and asked if she would like more business. I also told her I had male friends who were looking for a welcoming place to have female clothes altered and would she be comfortable with that? She said “business is business.” She said it’s fine, tell them to come on, they’ll be welcome. It’s because of the slight language barrier why I phrased it like “male friends” with “female attire.” That’s not how I would describe myself, but I figured for the purposes of talking with Monica it would cover a lot of ground for many of us how ever we identify (I’m hoping I haven’t offended anyone with that). But anyway, go out by Lee Branch and ask for Monica, but she closes for several weeks around Christmas or the end of the year or something, so plan ahead that time of year. Her shop is actually out in the little strip mall on 280 kind of in front of Lee Branch. And she’s always been real nice anyway.

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