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  1. Pam Schroeder and her team are true professionals, They go above and beyond for their clients. We were so pleased with our service, They not only looked out for our best interest, they answered all our questions and concerns very timely. Really understood what we were looking for and found us the perfect home. If you are considering a home sale or purchase, contacting them is a must! We have already recommended them to several of our friends and family


  2. My name is Kristin Blake. I am a Real Estate Agent for Pam Schroeder & Associates (Keller Williams Realty West). I have been involved with/in the LGBT community my entire life. I was excited to see this website was available for our community. It is very important to know what businesses are LGBT friendly and what businesses are not. If you are looking for a restaurant, bar, pet grooming, real estate needs, etc.. It is nice to know who supports us and our community. Pam Schroeder is my soon to be mother-in law. She has been in the Real Estate business for over 15 years. I am honored to be able to marry her daughter next year & have her as an amazing mentor. We are dedicated to our clients 100% and it is our mission to find you/your family your dream home. We take pride in our work. I have worked with many LGBT family members this year, SOLD their current homes, and closed on their NEW homes! It is the best experience to be able to hand over the keys to our clients, our team becomes family, and I feel like I made a difference. It is FREE to have a consultation with our real estate team, if you are interested in listing your home on the market. It is FREE to be added to our web portal to search for homes, if you are a buyer and looking to purchase a home. I will get you in contact with Mortgage lenders who I respect, value, and know are LGBT friendly. Equal Opportunity is a must! It is FREE to speak with a lender about your options. The ONLY thing you need to worry about is contacting Pam Schroeder & Associates for ALL of your real estate needs. Let us do the work to get you into your future home! Please contact me anytime if you have questions about buying/selling your home. I am blessed to be able to work for a company like Keller Williams and my boss/Mother-in law (Pam Schroeder). I can be myself. A member of our LGBT community and PROUD! We look forward to working with you in the future! 🙂

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