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Pioneer Barn – Old Florida Museum

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  1. The Pioneer Barn in St. Augustine is very welcoming. You will not be disappointed when you choose this romantic & rustic venue. Florida in JAN 2015 and the SCOTUS JUN 2015 began the “New Traditional Marriages” for same sex couples. In AUG ’15 I went to the Pioneer Barn to inquire on a “party” for my dad who was to be 90. Once I started talking to Mrs Gail White, Events head coordinator I was immediately at ease and comfortable to discuss deeper the real meeting of the event. Her and the staff were more than professional & inviting to hear my plans. I went alone this time and mentioned my fiance’s very european name. Two weeks later we show up unexpected and she addressed him by his homeland’s name and made sure to congratulate him personally. Both he and I were taken aback on Gail’s memory and general warmth. Since then we are 1 month to the grand event and with many Weddings the questions from Grooms can be are endless. Gail and Tim one of the owners have gone to great extremes to accommodate all.

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