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  1. A few months ago my boyfriend and I went out to our local TGI Friday’s to have a quick dinner. The food its self was mediocre, my main complaint however is from our server. From the moment our server walked over it was obvious by his face of disgust, that he was extremely uncomfortable at serving two men who looked as they were on a date. The entire time our server took our orders he did not look at either my boyfriend or myself in the eyes, instead he focused on the ground and started to walk away when my boyfriend was still in the middle of asking a question. Between courses the server would quickly throw down our plates and just acted that he could not wait for us to leave. Overall both my boyfriend and myself felt uncomfortable by the attitude from our server. It is one thing to go out to eat and get crappy service, but it is a whole other to be treated like a third class citizen. Regardless I will not be going back to eat dinner anytime soon.

    TGI Friday’s response:
    At Fridays, we are committed to treating each and every Guest and Team Member with the utmost respect and dignity. We do not condone or tolerate discrimination of any type and have a strict zero tolerance policy regarding any mistreatment of our Guests.
    Any act of discrimination or complaint against our restaurant will be taken very seriously, fully examined and met with the appropriate actions. Our brand promise is to ensure that every Guest is provided with a fun, friendly and engaging experience that can only be found at Fridays.

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