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  1. A very open and welcoming community with several campus organizations specially designed for the LGBT community and allies.

  2. Really great and friendly!

  3. Very open to the LGBT community!

  4. I so excited that UAB NOW OFFERS counseling services and hormone therapy to transgender students. How exciting is that. From what I know, they’re making gr at the efforts to reach out, counsel, and guide students transitioning to the gender they are inside. This is going to prove to be invaluable to the trans community.

  5. As an ally, becoming active in the social politics of the UAB community, I can say that they are putting forth efforts to educate the campus community by offering more diverse programming, however we could do a better job advertising or perhaps working with professors to allow students to earn credit for attending events. I can’t wait for the new Human Rights Institute to kick off, I believe it’s going to elevate the cause on both a local and national level.

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