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  1. After the passing of RFRA in 2015, many businesses stood in defense of personal liberties and offered to serve everyone in Indiana.

    For decades, this has been the mission of Warren Steinborn Associates: to understand their clients as family members, to understand their goals for retirement and how those years can be best spent, and to develop creative planning strategies for that period of life. It takes one initial meeting with Warren to comprehend how deeply he cares for his clients. Warren has also reached out to members of the LGBTQ community to help them plan for their retirement with recent marriage laws and an understanding of previous legal partnerships.

    Though I began working with Warren in a professional manner, I quickly grew to trust him with my financial and personal goals.

    In a profession where many promise to secure your future, Warren makes you feel immediately secure in the present and for your long-term plans. He’s a true advocate.

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