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  1. This place is poorly run, with employees who are rude, defensive and unconcerned. I have tried to give it repeated chances, mostly because I don’t like changing my dog’s routines… but I have had it. On a previous occasion he got Kennel Cough here, and when I called to let them know I was met with a defensive response and told he couldn’t have gotten it there because it takes 11 days to incubate- which my vet said was ridiculous. The next time I boarded him, as I was leaving I saw an employee/trainer throw a leash at a dog’s head rather than walk over to redirect the dog. This time, when I was 5 minutes late (after being told to pick up at 4, which must have been a miscommunication because they close at 4 on Saturday) I was told, quite rudely by employee and then manager on the phone, that despite offers to leave my credit card and to pay for the extra day, that I couldn’t have my dog- while I could hear him barking inside. The rudeness and defensiveness, combined with spurious maltreatment are just too much. I will be looking for another boarding facility for my pup. This place is just awful.

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