With Gratitude

Despite having only soft-launched, we have had quite the year already and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Here’s what our advocates have said this year about us.  To be honest, what people have said about us, we feel, is a direct reflection of who they are…and we have fallen in love over and over again with this community we are slowly building.  Thanks to all your kind words and most importantly for speaking out and leaving a review.

Here’s to making 2015 even bigger and better!

“I am not personally a member of the LGBT community but some of my close friends are. And just as I’m teaching my kids, any time we support and love others, we help make this world a better place.” — Rachel Harrington, Kansas City Missouri

“We use Hayden’s List because as members of the LGBT community we frequently desire the opinion of a shared experience from members of our same community. Whether its a situation which deals with large sums of money such as travel or real estate transactions or in matters that have life lasting implications such as family planning or maybe just a quiet dinner where we are as welcomed as everybody else.” — Mark and Keith, New Haven, CT

After being a member of the LGBTQ community for combined over 30 years, we have seen our fair share of discrimination in personal, religious, and professional settings. My partner and I believe in Hayden’s List because it provides a resource to support businesses in our community that welcome us with open arms. Who wouldn’t want to help keep a business like that to thrive?” — Heidi Schuman and Cindy Hernandez, Chicago

“Hayden’s List is great for the community because it helps LGBT people to feel comfortable and welcomed when accessing resources and services. As a gay man, I believe it is important to support establishments that affirm my identity and strengthen my community.” — Eric Sullivan, Los Angeles

“In the ideal world, LGBT people would not have to fear discrimination or intolerance from businesses or service providers. Until that perfect world exists, it is wonderful to have Hayden’s List– a place to share our experiences, feel empowered with our voices, and build community.” — Ginger Aaron Brush, Birmingham, AL

“My personal and professional values align with those of Hayden’s List. I believe that the LGBTQ community should have access to reliable information about any type of service provider that is not only accepting of them, but who can also meet their needs as individuals.” — Anthony Brisson, Middletown, CT

“The reason I am on Hayden’s List is because I enjoy being a part of a joyful moment in a couples’ life. I feel that HL is a great resource for the LGBT community because they can go to enlist the service of someone and not worry whether they will be discriminated against, or even refused service based on the person they love.” — Jon Knobelock, St. Louis, MO

“As an LGBT couple, my husband and I always look for opportunities to partner with and support pro-LGBT companies and organizations. We choose to spend our dollars where we feel welcomed and valued. HL helps make that decision much easier.” — Zach and Josh Johnson, Los Angeles, California

“Hayden’s List provides an invaluable service to the LGBT community. It is difficult to believe in this day and age that companies and services can shun us. Hayden’s List prevents that from occurring.” — John Rector and Trent McGlynn, Atlanta, GA

“Hayden’s List is a breath of fresh air. It’s not about exposing who isn’t accepting or friendly, rather it’s a community to celebrate and bring our business to like-minded people who radiate love and goodness. I am a proud Hayden’s List follower for my best friend, Josh. Because any place that loves him unconditionally like I do is a new favorite of mine.” — Kalin Sheick, Michigan