HL interviews Logan Manford, owner of BLōFISH Clothing, who is looking to upend the norm behind traditional, gender-specificTVT_2778-530x800 clothing and change things for good with what he calls, “the world’s first non-gender-specific clothing company.”


HL: How did you come to the idea of a non-gender specific clothing label?

Logan from BLōFISH: While on a cruise with some friends we began discussing t-shirts and how we liked each others’ clothing.  The conversation quickly evolved into how it was difficult to find certain styles of clothing in the size one of my friends wanted. She said the Men’s section had the style, but often the fit was not right.  The boy’s section may have the fit close, but the styles were not the same.  All of us at the table began to discuss how many of us wear the same clothes anyway and it was stupid to me to distinguish between men’s and women’s clothing, and thus the idea of BLōFISH was born.


HL: What has the response been like?

Logan from BLōFISH: Perhaps the best part of starting this company has been the amount of people and different communities who have embraced our idea and our message.  The LGBT community has been so welcoming it’s almost unbelievable.  Wherever we go, be it Texas, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, you name it, everyone has opened their arms and let us into their community.  Our message, “All For All,” is one that includes everyone and since we do not really believe labels have much of a use, different types of communities can join our movement seamlessly.  The yoga community along with the fitness community have also been very generous to us and helped spread the message across the country.


HL: How would you say creating this company has changed or opened your life?

Logan from BLōFISH: This company has opened my life up exponentially.  I have always dreamed of owning my own company, one that has a social aspect behind and is able to use its success to help others.  While we still have a lot we want to do, 10% of our sales go straight to charity, and we are able to give to many different groups of people by rotating charities each month.  BLōFISH has allowed me to live my dream and travel across the country spreading our message to many amazing people that I never would have met otherwise.


HL: If you had any advice to give to your younger self, what would it be?

Logan from BLōFISH: If I had any advice to my younger self it would be to be more confident.  We are all born with unique gifts and talents, and those often shape our lives.  On the other hand (and in my opinion more importantly), I believe we can do anything we want, no matter what our “natural” gifts and talents are.  Looking back at my life and comparing the “successes” of my life to the “not so successful” outcomes there is one thing that clearly differentiates them, the confidence and belief I had in myself.  To sum it up in a sentence I would tell myself, “always follow your dreams and BELIEVE they will happen.”