Trent McGlynn

Hayden’s Lister – Atlanta, Georgia

Trent grew up in South Carolina, but as the son of an Army brat, spent lots of time in Europe where he developed a love of travel. He is an RN by profession but now works in medical device sales. He’s been married to his husband, John, for 2 years (although they’ve been together for 15 years) and have 2 amazing dogs.
Fun fact about Trent: Trent is an AV GEEK!



Sarah McRae

Hayden’s Lister – Louisville, Kentucky

Sarah obtained her degree in Elementary Education while attending Grand Valley State University in Michigan. She is excited to go to work everyday to share my passion and love of teaching with her young students.

She have two children of her own who keep her busy with their sports, especially basketball and cross-country. Her children and husband are her world! When she has free time, she loves being outside, running or sitting on the porch reading.

She’s excited to be a part of Hayden’s List because she believes it is important to support LGBT friendly businesses and to show love to everyone. She wants her children to grow up in a world where we welcome equality with open arms.

Fun fact about Sarah: Sarah has been best friends with HL founder, Scott, for over 20 years!!



Julie Coleman

Hayden’s Lister – Orlando, Florida

Julie is an ally and an advocate for love, equality, and change. She is currently working for T-Mobile in Orlando, FL. Her store is located one block from Pulse. She wears many hats at her job, but the one she is most proud of is her new appointment within the company. She is on the board of advisors for Community Outreach throughout central Florida. She is finding new ways to give back to small business, non profits, and the LGBT community as much as she can.

Fun facts about Julie: Julie is Hayden’s auntie. She loves to travel. Dubai was her favorite destination thus far. Also, she am learning Spanish.



Jessica Lisenba

Hayden’s Lister – Mobile, Alabama

Jessica is a recent graduate who earned her Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of South Alabama. A gulf coast native, Jess enjoys going to the beach with her partner, Alex and their dog, Rugby. She is passionate about Spanish culture, International Education, and the outdoors. She believes that Hayden’s list will help not only her and her partner, but also many families in discovering friendly and non-discriminating businesses.
Fun fact about Jessica: Jessica auditioned for an Oscar Mayer commercial at the age of 5, but lost to an older girl who sang the Bologna song.



Cameron Shepherd

Hayden’s Lister – Los Angeles, California

Cameron is a graphic designer, writer, and musician originally from the midwest. He spends his free time dreaming of adventure, dealing with his needy dogs, and finding any excuse to wander the aisles of Home Depot. Cameron lives in Los Angeles, a city he loves, with his soon-to-be husband and their two pups.
Fun fact about Cameron: Cameron lived and worked in South Korea for 18 months as a member of an ESL children’s theater.



Billy Holt

Hayden’s Lister – Connecticut

Billy is a twenty-one year old college student who has just finished a semester abroad in Australia. He lives in Connecticut where he will graduate with a marketing degree from Southern CT University later this year. He is a lover of the outdoors, fashion, and coffee. He looks forward to taking part in a company who is not only changing the world, but redefining the concept of the “new normal”.
Fun fact about Billy: Billy went underwater cave diving in Fiji with a tour guide who did not speak any English, to discover the entire cave was infested with two foot long eels.



Anthony Brisson

Hayden’s Lister – Washington D.C.

Anthony has two passions in life: helping to make public education the best for all students, and more personally, ensuring that LGBTQ people are connected to places in their community who accept and treat them like anyone else. Anthony has been in education all of his life and is very excited to work with Hayden’s List to merge his two passions and callings in life so that the LGBTQ community have access to reliable information about service providers that can meet their needs in all aspects of their lives.
Fun fact about Anthony: Anthony has an obsession with French Bulldogs, Adele, and always singing her music down the streets of DC!