Just How LGBT-friendly is the Free World, REALLY?

Prides get snubbed a lot.  There are two main camps we can see from here:  1) Those who can’t stand to see there’s sexual diversity in the world 2) Those in the LGBT community who don’t feel comfortable with all that glitter, fuss and fun.  

We don’t know what anyone ever had against studs or glitter, but yeah, okay, we get it.  Nonetheless, whatever your take is on a city-wide week-long celebration that invokes being proud of your sexuality, please note: this is important.  Prides mark a place and a time and an occasion for being oneself.  Want to don feathers and heels, douse yourself in glitter and prance down Main Street?  Want to show off your buzz cut, the piercings your mom will never know about along with your secret tats?  My darlings, this is the time to do it.  This is the time to do it and be proud of wanting to do it.  

Too often people who want to be themselves don’t have a time and a place for it.  Proof:  BBC just published an article last week saying that after surveying over 1000 LGBT+ people, a whopping “seventy-four percent felt the need to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity.”   

If the majority of Londoners, one of the so-called most progressive cities in the free world, is fearful of being known as “out,” we’ve all got some work to do. Check it out.