Worst Colleges for the LGBTQ Student

School is back in session and high school seniors are beginning the search for the perfect college. For LGBTQ students it is important to find a campus that is accepting. Hayden’s List has many colleges reviewed but Campus Pride has released the 2016 Shame List, a list of the 95 worst colleges for a LGBTQ student to attend.

Campus Pride said in a press release that the Shame List comprises campuses that “openly discriminate against LGBTQ youth in policies, programs and practices.” The Shame List includes many private, religious-based institutions. Shane Windmeyer, Campus Pride’s Executive Director stated “Religion-based bigotry is careless and life-threatening. Families and young people deserve to know that this list of schools are the worst for LGBTQ youth. They are not loving, welcoming, safe spaces to live, learn and grow ― and nobody wants to go to a college that openly discriminates against anyone.”

So, who made their Shame List? Check it out here.

How LGBT friendly is your campus? Review them on Hayden’s List!


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