The Shine Theory

Alexis Caught, a London-based strategist and writer, recently wrote an article advising the LGBTQ community to say goodbye to mean gays. Caught’s epiphany came in 2016 when he was attending a house party. He moved from one social circle to another and, “it became clear that each conversation was about someone else at the party, or people who hadn’t arrived yet – gossiping that the happy couple were secretly on the rocks, speculating that so-and-so with the new gym body must be on something, and rolling eyes in dismissal of someone’s promotion.”

Caught left the party early when a friend dealt the truth bomb, “You just know they’re talking about us now.”  Caught knew his friend was correct and that he needed to make a change.

The Shine Theory from Ann Friedman caught Caught’s attention. The Shine Theory stresses, “the importance of women supporting women, refusing to compete with one another, and instead celebrating their friends’ successes.  In short, if your friends don’t shine, you don’t shine, and the brighter their light shines, the more that glow will reflect upon you.”

Caught implemented The Shine Theory with his rugby team.  When the team lost, they lost together and so when they won they all won together and the victory was much sweeter.

The Shine Theory and team mentality helps everyone especially minority groups. Caught’s advice is to, “say goodbye to mean gays who don’t have your back. Become the biggest cheerleader for your friends, because when they shine, if you allow it to, their light will shine on you. It will highlight your brilliance and keep away the darkness.”

Saying goodbye to mean gays: it’s time to cheer each other on

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