LGBTQ Civil Rights Update

We’re all about LGBTQ friendliness here at Hayden’s List. Some have asked us – is Hayden’s List even needed? Our response – same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states however did you know that in 30 states it is still legal to discriminate against sexual orientation and gender identity? What does this mean? The LGBTQ community can legally be discriminated against in the workplace, in housing, in restaurants, and other places that serve the general public. Now, many cities within these 30 states have nondiscrimination laws that apply within that city but it’s still shocking to know the LGBTQ community isn’t protected everywhere. Curious what the laws are where you live? Check out this very informative video.

Also, did you know, 36 states do not ban discrimination against all LGBTQ students in education. “So in a majority of states, LGBTQ students have no explicit legal protections in schools.”

Studies have shown that nondiscrimination laws reduce signs of prejudice. “These effects occur because anti-discrimination legislation can create social norms that govern what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviors to display toward stigmatized individuals.” The public is not accepting because of the threat of the law but these civil rights “set the morals of a community”.

So we now have same sex marriage, but we still have a long way to go.

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