Help Indiana!

Help Indiana!

Heyyy Hoosiers!

We love the stand you’re taking against Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), an act designed to give businesses and individuals a license to discriminate against LGBT because of “religious” beliefs.

We know not everyone is hateful and while we’ve heard enough of the bad lately, we want to hear from the good!  We’re not out yet in Indiana but we’re on our way.

Last month we came out in Birmingham because people took a stand and stood up.  Every voice counts.  So, c’mon and raise your voice, Indy!

Know of an accepting pastor or church or massage therapist?  What about an excellent lawyer or doctor or financial advisor?  Let the larger community know.  Review them today.

And if you’re in Indianapolis, get involved and take action.  Join Freedom Indiana
in front of the capital tomorrow morning.  Urge lawmakers to reject legalized discrimination.

We are all Hayden’s List.



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