What Are You Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving from Hayden’s List.

John Oliver host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight ended his season with a F**k You 2016 video to send into oblivion all the horrible events of the past year. Some of these events include the election results, the water in Flint, Michigan and the deaths of Prince, David Bowie and Muhammad Ali. You can view the video here.

While we at Hayden’s List are also disappointed with some of the events of 2016, we want to celebrate all the positives that have occurred:

– Stonewall named as the first LGBT National Park
– “Out” celebrities such as Kristin Stewart, Sara Ramirez, Miley Cyrus and Wentworth Miller
– LGBTQ supportive companies like Delta, Nike, Target, Justice, Apple and NY Grilled Cheese Company
– Conversion therapy banned in five states and in these cities: Seattle, Miami, Cincinnati and Washington DC
– Harvey Milk honored by the US Navy with the naming of a ship
– Record number of “out” athletes competed at the Summer Olympics

Comment below and tell us what you are thankful for in 2016.

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