The A’s Get an A

The A’s Get an A

June 17th is LGBT pride night for the Oakland A’s.  Pitcher Sean Doolittle’s girlfriend, Eireann Dolan, who was raised by two “hella gay” moms, plans on raising the roof for LGBT community that night.  She’s urging all season ticket holders who don’t plan on coming to the game that night to sell their tickets…to her.  She and Sean have set up a gofundme account to collect donations that they will match up to $3000.  Their plan is to purchase seats and give them away to Our Space LGBTQI Community Center for young adults.

Oh, and how cool is it that NPR’s Terry Gross will be throwing the opening pitch that night!  Go Terry!

Thanks, Eireann, for being such an amazing advocate!

Read more about their efforts HERE.

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