Cab Company Defends Homophobic Driver

If you are travelling to Portland, Oregon and need transportation, be careful who you call for a ride. On a Tuesday night in September, a Portland Taxi Cab Company car, pulled up outside Scandals, a popular gay bar. The driver of the cab took out a bull horn and yelled anti-gay slurs at the bar patrons. The cab driver told the bar patrons that they were all going to hell, but that he could help get them get out of their “difficult lifestyle.”

Portland is known as an LGBTQ friendly city but when the bar patrons complained to the Portland Taxi Cab Company they were told that there would be no disciplinary action against the driver. “If the gays don’t want to use our company, that’s better for us.”

Portland Taxi Company Supports Driver Who Yelled Homophobic Slurs At Gay Bar Patrons

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