A Rugby Win!

_84934395_hirst_paToday the sport of rugby gets a win as Keegan Hirst comes out and says he’s gay.  Recently separated from his wife, this professional rugby player has taken a bold step in being true to himself.  In an interview with the BBC, he talks courageously about how he wasn’t sure about his own sexuality, thought he was just “going through a phase.”

“Only recently have I got it right in my head,” he said.  His struggle through denial reflects an experience that many people in the LGBT community face.

While Hirst is being commended for coming out as the first openly gay rugby player, the entire sport deserves a standing ovation for proudly stating it’s “open to all.”  Chief executive of the Rugby Football League, Nigel Wood, in an interview with the Guardian said, “I feel it’s hardly an issue worthy of comment because why shouldn’t a player come out and say that they’re gay?”

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