Disney Channel Airs First Same Sex Kiss

Disney Channel Airs First Same Sex Kiss

The Disney Channel has just aired its first-ever same-sex kiss and decided to make it a double.

The Disney animated show Star vs. the Forces of Evil, follows the teenage space warrior Star Butterfly while she navigates high school. In this specific episode Star and her best guy friend Marco attend a concert. During the song titled “Just Friends,” the audience begins to pair off and kiss. As the camera moves across the audience it reveals two men and two women kissing along to the tune.

Even though this is the first instance of a kiss between a same-sex couple, Disney has been introducing more LGBTQ characters such as:
– In 2014, popular family comedy Good Luck Charlie featured a lesbian parenting team
– In 2016, animated show Gravity Falls revealed a same-sex couple in two male police officers

You can view the kiss here.

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