Synthetic Babies?

Synthetic Babies?

One of my all-time favorite movie quotes is this

It’s funny because it’s OTT and obviously Hollywood and not real.  Nobody in their right mind would actually say that to anybody.

Which is why it’s been a little shocking to hear two highly successful, high profile gay men say something as equally ludicrous.  In real life.  Quoted.  In a magazine.

Italy’s Panorama Magazine quotes Dolce as saying (and this is my own translation) “It’s not as though we invented the family.  It’s been made an icon by the Sacred family, but there’s no religion, there’s no social status that maintains that when you are born you have a father and a mother.  Or at least it should be this way and it’s for this reason that I’m not convinced by what I call chemical children or synthetic babies.  Uteri for rent and seeds chosen from a catalogue.  Go try and explain to these children who their mother is.  Would you accept being a chemical baby?  Procreating should be an act of love and this day in age not even psychiatrists are ready to face the effects of these types of experimentations.”

This would, of course, be hilarious if it were a quote from a villian in, say, the upcoming new Zoolander sequel.  But it’s actually far more serious.  It’s a dark, sinister way of thinking bred by ignorance and fear.

Has anyone bothered telling Dolce and Gabbana that if their clothes are made with a machine (not hand sewn) or of synthetic materials (versus 100% cotton) that they don’t actually count as “real” clothes, much less haute couture.  It doesn’t count or convince us anymore.  We see it for what it is: synthetic, chemical couture made by a sad man with a puny opinion.

Best of luck to ya boys.

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