Scott Tayloe


Scott is a twice graduate of Jacksonville University with an undergrad degree in Aviation Management and an MBA. He started his first organization when he was just out of college at age twenty-two, helping university students go abroad. As well as a successful innovator and entrepreneur, Scott’s also a family man. He loves taking his son for a hike or to a baseball game and sitting around in the kitchen making pizzas with his husband Josh. Scott started Hayden’s List because his dream is that his son Hayden grows up in a more loving and accepting world than the one he has seen. “I love being involved with movements or organizations that inspire change in people. In addition to Hayden’s List I’m involved in international education and always enjoy seeing my students expand their horizons and their perspectives. I’m excited to do the same now within my own community.”
Fun fact about Scott: Scott received his pilot’s license at age sixteen.