A Tale of Multiple Daddies

A Tale of Multiple Daddies

“You have two daddies too!” These are the words I overhead a little girl say to my son the other night. Hayden responded, “Yay I do!” Solidification for coming to Family Week – Check.

Last Saturday we arrived in Provincetown on Cape Cod. A city we’ve come to know well. Six years ago we visited looking for a place to get married, five years ago we tied the knot here and a few years ago we celebrated the ten year anniversary of our first date. Fond memories have come out of this seaside village town but this week brings it to a whole new level.

We decided to come to Family Week to give our son a chance to see other families that look just like his, in a way we simply wanted to normalize our family. We are proud to live in a country where most families don’t look alike, however, sadly for our son he never sees his parents hold hands or kiss in public. Some kids have a mom and a dad, some kids are raised by single parents. For our kiddo growing up in Florida, there aren’t too many two-dad families passing by.


We’ve reached a point in our society where marriage equality is now legal for all nationwide, but all too often we come across stories advocating against these rights or we hear politicians showcasing their concern for the loss of traditional family values. As I meet all of the incredible families throughout this week all I can think is, traditional family values aren’t lost – they are right here, at Family Week. From bonfires on the beach, to cookouts, to face-painting in the park, to afternoon ice cream and strolls on the pier – it seems family values are alive and well. We came here to normalize our family to our son, but it turns out our love and the values we’ve already instilled in him are the best gifts of all.