Parents Who Support Your LGBT Family AND Trump?

I recently came across this great article on Huffington Post, When You’re LGBT And Your Family Is Voting For Trump. Oh good, I thought, I’m not the only one out there.

My husband and I have supportive families, mine being the most supportive of all. My mother will proudly tell any Pastor that her son didn’t choose to be gay, and then proceed to ask him when did he choose to be straight. Both families came to our wedding, and both families love and adore their grandson. But both families, support Donald Trump.

In all honesty, I think Trump supports the LGBT community. A man of that level of wealth, living in NYC, I don’t think he’s the religious anti-gay candidate like he is showcasing to the Republican Party. He’s simply telling them what they want to hear. But Trump chose Mike Pence as his running mate. Pence has been on record applauding businesses for firing employees who are openly gay, encourages Religious Freedom Laws that directly discriminate against my family and is on task to see that the Supreme Court overturns Marriage Equality.

When getting into a discussion surrounding the Trump-Pence ticket, families supporting them often say there is more to worry about in this election then LGBT “issues”. For my husband and I, there simply isn’t. Put yourself in our shoes. If a candidate was running for President who threatened to denounce your marriage, end your ability to adopt children and force you into the closet for fear you could legally be fired for being straight – would you support them?

When it comes down to protecting my family, that is the only issue I am worried about.

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Gays for Trump, but Trump for Gays?

I’ve never been one to fully stand with one particular party on all of their issues and stances. There are laws and bills put forward by both Republicans and Democrats that I can often stand behind, or stand against. Whether it’s fiscal responsibility, gun control measures or family rights there are multiple view points and reasons why we vote the way we do.

Recently, I came across this article, highlighting why some LGBT community members are pro-Trump, which immediately confused me.  As much as I don’t want to vote based on one issue or area (I value looking at a candidate’s full plan, ideas and past) I can’t look past the fact that Trump has aligned himself with Governor Pence.

Pence just spent the past year advocating and signing into law a bill that directly discriminated against our community.  What if this man takes this plan with him to DC?  Marriage equality isn’t exactly “equal” if a business has the right to turn my husband and I away if they don’t believe we should be married in the first place. I can’t imagine having to explain to my child why a restaurant or a business just asked us to leave.  Equality means equal and I fear Gays for Trump don’t realize that Trump-Pence isn’t for Gays.

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Proud Parent: a label so many deserve

The following is a letter from Scott Tayloe, our Founder, in response to NBC Olympic correspondent Al Trautwig’s tweet, “They may be mom and dad but they are NOT her parents.” regarding Simone Bile’s parents.

Dear Mr. Trautwig,

Parenting, in direct definition, is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial and intellectual development of a child.

Our child, birthed by a mother and father who knew that they couldn’t support him in these various ways, chose to adopt their child to us.  From the moment we cut the cord in the delivery room we have seriously and proudly undertaken these duties.  We have changed his diapers, held him while he cried, taught him the difference between right and wrong.  We have nourished him in our home where he has a roof over his head for as long as we are alive.  We’ve given him guidance on how to act and how to speak.  We have given him a glimpse into this beautiful world with all of its great differences, differences that we believe only make us stronger as a whole.

Mr. Trautwig, based on your strong opinion on who an Olympic athlete’s parents are, I fear you don’t fully understand or grasp what it means to be a parent.  And I regret that as a parent, one of my most difficult duties is to have to explain to our son how and why it is there are people out there like you.  All we can do is remind him how proud we are to be his parents.

Congratulations, Simone, on your Olympic medals.  And congratulations to your parents on raising such an incredible and inspiring daughter.


Scott Tayloe



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A Tale of Multiple Daddies

A Tale of Multiple Daddies

“You have two daddies too!” These are the words I overhead a little girl say to my son the other night. Hayden responded, “Yay I do!” Solidification for coming to Family Week – Check.

Last Saturday we arrived in Provincetown on Cape Cod. A city we’ve come to know well. Six years ago we visited looking for a place to get married, five years ago we tied the knot here and a few years ago we celebrated the ten year anniversary of our first date. Fond memories have come out of this seaside village town but this week brings it to a whole new level.

We decided to come to Family Week to give our son a chance to see other families that look just like his, in a way we simply wanted to normalize our family. We are proud to live in a country where most families don’t look alike, however, sadly for our son he never sees his parents hold hands or kiss in public. Some kids have a mom and a dad, some kids are raised by single parents. For our kiddo growing up in Florida, there aren’t too many two-dad families passing by.


We’ve reached a point in our society where marriage equality is now legal for all nationwide, but all too often we come across stories advocating against these rights or we hear politicians showcasing their concern for the loss of traditional family values. As I meet all of the incredible families throughout this week all I can think is, traditional family values aren’t lost – they are right here, at Family Week. From bonfires on the beach, to cookouts, to face-painting in the park, to afternoon ice cream and strolls on the pier – it seems family values are alive and well. We came here to normalize our family to our son, but it turns out our love and the values we’ve already instilled in him are the best gifts of all.


Gender Neutral Donuts

Gender Neutral Donuts

In this day and age it shouldn’t shock us, but it does. It also shocks our reviewers, hence this post. This week a reviewer reached out to us after leaving a local donut shop. Immediately shocked at what she saw – she wanted us to know all about it. The Donut Shop, a Dunkin’ Donuts, had gender neutral bathrooms. Still not shocked? We weren’t either – until she let us know it was in South Carolina.

Kudos to you Dunkin’ for staying true to your New England roots as you expand across America. America Runs on Dunkin’ and now so does Hayden’s List.

Baptist preacher says Orlando is now “safe”

Baptist preacher says Orlando is now “safe”

I must say this was hard to read, but wasn’t truly shocking. We hear it almost every day from Westboro Baptist Church and after the attacks in Orlando it’s all too unsettling that there are actually people with this level of hatred in them. I think the biggest shock though is that the hatred almost always seems to stem from a church or a preacher. Aren’t places of worship and those devoting their life to God supposed to be the most loving, humble and warm individuals? I would think spreading love and openness would give them a much better opportunity to welcome our community into their doors, then to continue to showcase to us why so many of our community simply no longer goes.

So prepare yourself if you didn’t already read this story. Check out why this baptist preacher in Sacremento feels Orlando is in fact now “safer”. Read the story here.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…and, yes, The Fabulous

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…and, yes, The Fabulous

Here’s the thing when it comes to the good, the bad and the ugly: we know the bad and the ugly all too well. It’s out there. Orlando was all the proof the world needed. And in this world where there’s far enough hate and ugliness, we want to spread the love. We want little to do with hate and everything to do with love and that’s why we’ve decided to take what’s good and make it even greater by adding “The Fabulous” to The Good, the Bad and The Ugly.

It’s a sad time for Orlando and the LGBT community but we take heart hearing about the outpourings of love by complete strangers. In the wake of such darkness, we’ve been so encouraged by the fabulousness out there! Everyone seems to be paying it forward and then some. Take for example the the homeless guy who took it upon himself to relight all the candles at the Orlando memorial. Take for example Jacqulyn Davis who tracked that very man down, treated him to a makeover at a salon followed by dinner at Olive Garden. Take for example the manager at Olive Garden who found out about the homeless man’s compassion and gave him a free dinner.

The outpouring of goodness keeps going — people from all over are offering more than just prayers. They’re offering loving actions of support. Osceola Memory Gardens are donating memory blankets to loved ones; funeral parlors and florists are seeing to it that the victims’ families won’t pay a cent when it comes to celebrating the forty-six lives we lost.

Thanks to all of you who review on Hayden’s List. Your spirit of generosity is felt by those you don’t even know. Without you we wouldn’t be able to continue to offer valuable information to a community who is truly in need of where they can feel not only welcome, but safe. Even if it’s a bad or an ugly experience, by telling the community where there’s less than love shining only allows us the opportunity to shine a little more love in their direction. And encourage our great community to give back, forward and in all directions, especially by patroning the businesses in our communities who are supportive.

We are all Orlando! And we are all Fabulous!