Daddy Did It!

Hayden and Sebastian chillin' in the bed.

Hayden and Sebastian chillin’ in the bed.

With every passing week comes a new word or phrase. A few months ago it was “thank you” and this past week the famous phrase has been “I did it.”  Oddly enough, it’s been my phrase too.

Coming back to conservative Jacksonville, has sent us on a rollercoaster of emotions. After so many years away, fortunately we often just remember the good times.  The truth is, as we slip back into life here, glimmers of past experiences are becoming present again.

I remember our old house on Whitsbury Court. Our neighbors were amazing and became good friends for life. However, even after living there for three years our neighbors still thought we were brothers the day we moved away. Saying the word “husband” was never easy for me, even “partner” was hard to let slip out. So this week when I had to call All State to switch our car insurance, a little piece of me was dreading the question I knew was coming.  But the moment the All State agent asked me what my wife’s name was, for the first time in the south I didn’t even miss a breathe before saying, “My husband’s name is Josh.” Without skipping a beat on his end, he said, “Great, what’s date of birth?” Just like my son, “I did it!”