Home Again

Who said, “You can’t go home again?”

Well, we already are.  After nearly a year in Los Angeles, we’re heading home to Florida, right where we started.  The very place our journey of marriage and adoption began: home to a state that’s fifty-fifty as far as acceptance and attitude goes, and while the last year has been a journey, this is the new start of yet another journey.

During our flight, I give Hayden props.  As an experienced traveler at the age of two, flying cross country was a breeze.  We played cards, we watched “The Wiggles,” and we pointed out “more clouds” every five seconds.  It was the easiest flight I’ve ever had with him.

I’m used to the questions:

“Are you sure he is in the seat right?” “Doesn’t the seat belt go the other way?”

Those questions never bother me. And they sure don’t bother Hayden.  He just smiles, waves, and blows kisses.

This move comes with deep seeded feelings. Leaving the comfort of California and before that, Massachusetts for Florida.  We simply don’t know how it’s going to feel to be in a less supportive region of the country.

Our flight was from LAX to JAX with a stop in Texas.  TSA pre-check made security a breeze (if you don’t have it – you are missing out on first class travel on a $50 budget, so just do it).  Hayden and I always take the last row and we try to not be a burden to anyone.  Something other travelers might try once and a while.

Southwest Airlines made the six hour travel time, with a two year old, a breeze.  At our connection in Texas it hit me. Hayden and I are flying from Texas to Florida. The discomfort set in. But Southwest and our flight attendant Rachel made our trip back home feel comfortable.

Kind, caring, and attentive, she asked the normal question, “Are you sure that seat is in right?”  Again, those types of questions are easy for me.  It’s usually when the seemingly casual conversation kicks in that is always the make or break.  Saying that we are flying home to Florida to meet my husband, Hayden’s dad, are always words that just fly out.  And I never know how people will respond.  But Rachel didn’t even bat an eyelash.  She was terrific asking questions about Hayden and Scott.  Even the woman who sat next to me joined in conversation about kids and grandparents.  I was so apprehensive and nervous about flying home, already worried about how people would treat us, and it turned out to be the best flight with Hayden yet!

Now that we are back on the ground, Hayden is letting loose from a day of sitting.  As you can see, he loves his morning stretches.

Now on to find a pediatrician, vet, apartment, doctor, dentist, drivers license, transfer the car tag….  There better be a lot of coffee!