Publix: Where Shopping Really Is A Pleasure

Walking to Publix

Showing Hayden Publix. I’m such a proud dad.

I keep Hayden on a pretty regular schedule. We always go to the park and grocery store every day. It’s that little piece of Paris life that I can’t let go of. I just enjoy going to the “market,” ok it’s only a grocery store I know. But it is my happy place. Aside from the Paris markets and street vendors, and I’ve said this everywhere, Publix is the greatest grocery store EVER.

Publix will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first job. Yep I was a bag boy, then cashier. I was a member of their credit union, where I financed my very first car at the age of 18. It was the place where I felt very comfortable being a gay teen in the south. I dated a guy that worked for Publix, and we moved in together. That was my very first apartment at the age of 17, yes the apartment came before the car. But I digress…

Publix is a great company. It has clean stores, great products, super friendly employees, and a sense of welcoming. Moving back to Florida meant I could share that with Hayden. We go to the grocery store every day, sometimes three times a day. Going to Publix is like going to Disney World for me. And now it is for Hayden too.

Although it might just have to do with these Race Car carts…


Hayden loves the Publix Race Car carts.