Why Florida

Sitting out on the deck with my mom for morning coffee makes me remember why we’ve come back here. It’s like being on a family vacation, but this is real life.

Since day one Scott and I have always talked about big life decisions.  We always talked about our long term goals, the “where do you see yourself in five years, in ten years” conversations.  Not that we always make the right decision, but we always make it together. And making the decisions together early on confirmed we’d be just fine together.  We knew we wanted a family. We knew we wanted to raise a family in a home. And we knew we wanted to give our family all the 2.0 versions of the things we wanted to do over.

I was very adamit to Scott that I wanted to settle down into a “forever house.” Maybe not the house we would retire into, but at least the house we would have to raise Hayden. By the time he started school, I wanted to be in the house we would see him graduate high school from. I want to be in the house we build all the memories in: school plays, holidays, dances, dinners, marking how tall you grow on the wall. I may be “progressive” or “liberal” but I’m also Martha Stewart, a step ford wife, a clutch my pearls kinda gal.

In all our plans and dreaming of the future, we shared a similar vision.  We both wanted the house, the family, the extended family nearby, the summers in Europe, we wanted the dream. Originally we left Florida to start our family. We moved to California to pursue that dream. And ultimately and maybe ironically the reason we moved back to Florida was to fulfill that dream.

My mom is so happy to have her son and grandson here. She proudly takes Hayden out to the country club and Hayden loves playing with his cousins. We are looking for the neighborhood to build our dream home, planning the family summers in Europe. We are also planning for our next child. We are in a place where we can affect change in the LGBT community. We are home.